Warm Steam and Cool Mist Facial Sauna
Model #TG3704C
The exclusive two-step True Glow™ Warm Steam and Cool Mist Facial Sauna uses warm steam to enhance overall skin tone and elasticity and open pores to prepare your face for a deep cleanse. After cleansing, the cool mist closes pores. Include the facial sauna in your beauty regimen to hydrate your skin and diminish the appearance of aging and damage from sun and dry environmental conditions.
  • Timer has 5 settings so you can choose the length of your facial
  • Auto shutoff
  • Experience the Warm Steam Treatment
  • Follow with the Cool Mist Treatment
How To Set Up Your True Glow Warm Steam and Cool Mist Facial Sauna
1Lift facial cone from base and then lift hinged front of upper housing
2Remove warm steam chamber cap and lift lid of cool mist chamber
3Fill warm steam chamber with 2 cups of water or until the water reaches the MAX fill line in the cool mist chamber
4Close cool mist lid, warm steam cap, and front of housing
5Place facial cone over the base
6Plug unit into a 120 volt AC outlet