Sonic Skincare Solution
Model #TGSFB2C
The dermatologist-tested True Glow® Sonic Skincare Solution brush makes your cleanser 2x more effective. After just one use, pores are 30% less visible. Sonic technology powers this high-performance cleansing brush at 300 oscillations per second. Without irritation, it unclogs pores and washes away the embedded dirt and oil that can cause breakouts and dull, patchy, tired-looking skin. This phenomenal sonic brush prepares skin to absorb moisturizers better-and fully moisturized skin is radiant skin. Regular use of the Sonic Skincare Solution leaves skin feeling healthier and looking its best.
  • Gentle enough to use as part of an everyday cleansing regimen
  • Waterproof and safe for use in the shower
  • Includes two brush heads for face and body
  • 3 speeds
  • Automatic even-cleanse timer tells you to move to another area of your face every 10 seconds
  • Fully rechargeable
  • Charging stand included
  • Independent Clinical Testing and Consumer Survey Results
  • How is True Glow Different from Other Sonic Brushes?
  • Charge Your True Glow Sonic Brush
How to Cleanse with Your True Glow Sonic Brush
1Before first use, charge the sonic brush for 16 continuous hours
2Hold brush head by the rim and press over mounting post on handle until it snaps firmly into place
3Wet your skin and apply your favorite non-granular liquid cleanser to skin or brush
4Turn brush on and select speed setting by pressing the ON/OFF button once for HIGH, twice for MEDIUM, and three times for LOW. We recommend starting on LOW to see how your skin reacts.
5Keep the oscillating brush in light contact with your skin. Do not press hard. Move the brush in a slow circular motion flush against your skin.
6The 60-second automatic cleansing cycle is punctuated by a beep every 10 seconds. When the beep sounds, move the brush to a different section of skin to be sure that every area receives equal attention. If desired, change speed setting by pressing the ON/OFF button.
7The brush automatically stops after 60 seconds, but you can stop it at any time by pressing the ON/OFF button for one second.
8When cleansing is done, rinse your skin with water and towel dry.
9Store your brush with the protective brush cover on and remember to clean your in-use brush heads once a week with a mild solution of warm, soapy water.
10Replace brush heads after three months of use. To remove a brush head, hold it by the rim and pull off. For more information, please download the Instruction Booklet.